Chatlight Refersion Program

Here at Chatlight, we’ve been seeing a dramatic increase in interest from the Periscope community, which is why we’ve created the Chatlight Refersion Program.

Since it’s launch in 2014, the live video streaming application has been allowing users to broadcast to their audiences; viewers can interact with the broadcaster by leaving comments or hearts to show their approval or appreciation for the live stream. Following its surge in popularity, Periscope was purchased by Twitter in January of 2015. The company has reported 10 million registered users as of April 2016.

Because Periscope is an application that allows live streaming from virtually anywhere, lighting conditions during these streams aren’t always optimal. This is where Chatlight comes into play; our small, portable device offers studio-quality lighting for users on the go, allowing for better and more enjoyable video quality. This affordable and easy-to-use lighting device is the solution for Periscope users looking to improve their live streams.

Designed to help Periscope users spread the word about their favorite lighting device, our refersion program is open to anyone. Those looking to join can do so by visiting the and entering their information right here on our site. Once approved, users will receive a unique code which they’re urged to share with friends, family and followers. Any Chatlight purchased through this code will be tracked, and the user will receive a percentage of sales as commission.

Existing members of the Chatlight Refersion Program include Joy Poulsen, a popular social media and fitness coach. Her frequent Periscope streams have benefited from Chatlight, offering her viewers a much higher-quality image with optimal lighting.

Visit our website to place your order and experience the Chatlight difference for yourself!

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