About Us

About Us


Hello there!

Chatlight wants to make every online chat with family, friends or business partners more effective, enjoyable and awesome! Our vision is to create a brand that is synonymous with a great conversation you’ve had online with a loved one. Whether it’s a friend from far away or family member serving our country, we want every minute you spend with them to be the brightest moments of your day.

In order to make chats beautifully bright, we developed a solution to poor light quality currently available during online chats. A good lens and good appearance does not mean much if there is not the right kind of balanced and diffused light to illuminate you. Chatlight is universal, portable, powerful, rechargeable and affordable. The lighting unit that we’ve built, along with applying the latest in battery cell technology, allows everyone to look great for long chats.

Chatlight’s vision is to create a brand that people immediately associate with a great conversation they’ve had online with a loved one. By building a great product and a team with years of experience, as well as trusted contacts, we believe that Chatlight has positioned itself to do just that.