What Is Chatlight?

What Is Chatlight?


Have you ever been in a video chat room and talked to shadows on the other side of the screen? Have you sat at your computer to do a video Skype call and been blinded by the light shining through the screen instead of the person’s personality? With the invention of a new light creation, you won’t have to worry about looking at dark figure or bright figures, or appear as one yourself. Chatlight can make you appear “natural” looking whenever you want to video chat with someone.

Chatlight is a light that goes around the outside of your computer or whatever other device you are using to chat with. The light is turned on and you will look lit up, without being washed out to whoever you are chatting with. Your mother won’t worry about you looking pale and your friends won’t have to squint to make you out in the dark. CL makes you look normal, natural and appealing to whoever you are conversing with on the other side of the computer connection.

Chatlight is positioned on the laptop, smartphone or tablet when you want to chat and is simply turned on. When you are done chatting, you simply turn it off and go back to using your device as you were. If you are using it on your laptop, you don’t have to remove the light. It can stay on permanently until the next time you want to chat. That way, whenever you have a chat request, no matter where you are, you simply turn on the light and you can begin your chat. It could be in a dark room or it could be at the break room at work. Your light can be turned on and the person won’t have a clue where you are because they are focused on you, not the dark surroundings you have.

Chatlight can be used by people of any age to look better. Kids can turn it on and then chat with grandma. Grandma can turn it on and wait for her grandkids to Skype. The light is easy to use and will work for anybody who knows how to use the video chat on their computer. It doesn’t have to be removed either, so once you are done, simply turn it off until the next time you want to have a chat.